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March 1, 2023 at 12:58 pm #1118877

Thanks for your replies. We do have a kid together. We live in the same neighborhood and he can see who is coming or leaving my building. He knows who I have been dating because he is friend with almost all waiters in our city and the usual customers of these bars. He knows everyone. I don’t want to move as I have my parents leaving near and my job in the same city. My kid also goes to school in the same neighborhood. I guess I have to put some boundaries with him and start doing what I want. I never thought about this situation with my ex to be such a matter. But in fact he tries ton control me for whatever reason and it’s not healthy. You are right.

I like this guy for many years. I’ve been married but wasn’t in love for last 2/3 years, that’s why I divorced. But I never cheated on him. I used to flirt with guys sometimes but never went further.

I am still online dating, I have the apps sometimes I meet good guys but somehow I got stuck on this one guy…