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March 4, 2023 at 5:22 pm #1118960

I don’t pity him. I admire him and love him, regardless of how things have been. I don’t see him as inferior. I see him as so much better than myself. I value him more than me. I just wish I was enough because I’m clearly not. And that I didn’t waste his time.

Everybody says it’s all his fault but everything feels like it’s all on me. If I was a bit of enough, it wouldn’t have gone like this and I wouldn’t have to lose him.

If anybody deserves help and care in this, it’s him, not me. I think we get the treatment we deserve; hence why he was cruel at times. I certainly earned it. And if anything, I am a horrible person for not leaving, for making this post, for failing him.. and generally, everything. I am the only fault in this.

Either way, thank you all for your inputs and time.