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March 4, 2023 at 11:46 pm #1118963

You’ve written in before, right?

Same exact story, so it’s a little odd to me if this is your first time.

Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of never being enough because no person can fill the void in him. He has to care about himself and get real professional help, which you also need because you’re, pardon me, pathetically dependent and in an isolated situation? Do you have a full life outside of him?

His depression won’t just magically go away.

And you can’t “make” him happy, even if you were the perfect ‘woman of his dreams’ because he’s not happy, period. That’s not how it works.

Are you kidding me people get what they deserve? Children deserve abuse? Children deserve to die at elementary schools? I deserved to be what is legally considered kidnapped by my shithole ex? I was so pathetically in love with that waste of space, I dropped the charges and let him back into my life.

You have issues about how you think you are supposed to feel in love, how love feels, and I recognize them, but I’m trying not to project too much on you. Like sees like, maybe?

He is bad news, move on. He’s never going to give you want you want.

What you equate to what you’re “getting” or deserving and what pisses me off is, this is not what life is handing you. This is a consensual relationship YOU FORCEFULLY PUSH to stay in where he’s tried to break up with you, but you won’t go away. It doesn’t get better from here. He really needs help, and you really do, too.

You can tell yourself you get what you deserve and you deserve this, but you probably don’t.

I’ve dated a lot of losers and this guy reeks of loser.
You’re wasting your life away waiting for this one to appreciate you and it’ll never happen.

Move on from him. I promise it’ll suck and feel so empty without him, but after you actually grow a pair of ovaries back, instead of only solely focusing on him, see a therapist, heal and get a few steps away from this, maybe you’ll think of the asshole on the internet would tried one last time to send some common sense to you via the internet.

Sorry if I’ve been harsh, I’m just so incredibly tired of seeing women sacrifice themselves for men who don’t even value them!