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March 5, 2023 at 10:45 am #1118973

Girl! My mom had Color Me Beautiful done for her in the early 80s and she had the hardcover book. She is a summer and I have known I was a Spring since I was a little kid. Just a couple weeks ago my mom brought me some stuff of my grandmother’s because she and my dad are clearing out my aunt’s condo (she’s alive, but she’s been in a nursing home for 4 years and her condo needs to be sold. It still has ALL my grandma’s possessions in it, untouched since she passed in 1998, which I don’t think she would have liked). So anyway, I got my grandma’s purse-sized color swatch booklet. It accordions out and has all the little cloth swatches of colors you can wear, so you can take it shopping. She was a Spring too, so her colors are also my colors. It’s a cool thing to have, and it’s got this tiny pamphlet in it about the “Spring Woman,” which is hilariously dated. That said, the Seasons stuff is still going strong today and definitely holds up. You should definitely do it!

I also got a vintage black patent leather purse, a 5-Diamond band that my Great Grandfather gave my Great Grandmother in 1953 which goes well with my wedding rings, my grandmother’s sorority jewelry, and other stuff. She was a blonde stunner, and my grandfather looked like Superman. I really should have been better looking.