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March 5, 2023 at 10:55 am #1118974

You are all right.

It’s not what life gives me. It’s my choice, my horrible selfish choice against another person.

No, I have zero life apart from him. Only just lately I started going for walks alone. I’ve dropped everything in my personal life, activities, hobbies, relatives, internships, classes, friends, work, my prospects at getting an actual job. Health’s been deteriorating, too, and he is pretty much all that I could hold on to.

All my days were about a message from him. That’s all I could see in my days. I am isolated, there are no friends whatsoever, and I’m doing nothing with myself, my life or my future other than watching time go by.

Walks are sad and isolating, too. But at least there is the sun and the wind. I try to be grateful for those.

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