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March 5, 2023 at 11:30 am #1118978

I think the TikTok algorithm knows I watch all of the color analysis videos all the way through because they feed me so many. Sometimes I’ll watch a video a few times to see if I can tell the difference in someone’s face/appearance when they swap the color swatch from a cool tone to a warm tone of the same color. I can’t always tell. The only reason I know what lipstick looks good on me is because I have one that I am consistently complimented on, ha. Sometimes I’ll get asked if I’m wearing colored contacts, which I don’t. I know some colors bring out the green in my eyes, but don’t know which ones. I think I’m a winter. I’ve been heavily paring down my wardrobe in the past couple years. It’d be nice to know what colors flatter me most as I build it back up.