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March 7, 2023 at 3:36 pm #1119048

@Tedros, I met a serious boyfriend in a bar. I was sipping a drink, looking around awkwardly while a guy chatting up my friend, and he came over, smiling, saying “you look bored!” I shrugged and said something like “yeah but I think she likes him,” and he said “you’re a good friend.”

It was partly how at ease he was talking to a stranger, partly how at ease he made me feel with his grins and big laughs, but mostly it was that little throwaway line – that he noticed something about me other than my appearance, that he complimented me without making it about my body or how I made him feel.

He also asked me questions about myself and listened – asked follow up questions rather than responding with something about himself. I never felt like he was just waiting for me to finish so he could say his thing. @Max if you can show genuine interest in women that will go a long way.