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March 8, 2023 at 8:05 pm #1119055

It’s you, Max.

You put women off.

As everyone has said, PEOPLE out shopping or working aren’t there to flirt with you. Why is that hard to understand? They want to shop or work in peace. If women on dating apps think you are creepy, that is all you. If women seem paranoid, you seem SKETCHY AS HELL to them.

You seem to think women going about their day, not at a club, singles bar or any other place single women go to meet men…still owe you a smile or attention, to be polite to you. Women owe you nothing. Women are tired of being told they owe people things.

I think you should probably take a women’s course at a local college. It doesn’t sound like you know or care about women’s experiences of the world. You should learn.

Maybe look deep inside yourself and your behavior. Do you treat women well? Do you show them courtesy and respect? Somehow I doubt it.