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March 9, 2023 at 10:07 pm #1119076

The gap between not knowing him well enough to share that vs. crying over him telling you he hopes to get back with an ex is a little wild to me. Like, things change all the time. This trip could be a disaster. All is not lost. Learn to bide your time and watch things unfold. Exes generally are for a reason. Ski trips don’t change that.

Take a breather and wait it out, and maybe don’t cut someone out, right away immediately…because who can say if he even got back with her if they’d even last?

There are oceans of reactions between “disappear completely” and confronting him with your feelings. Like, the middle, doing nothing is not a bad place to fall.

You don’t know enough to be crying about this yet, IMO. That’s what I’d tell you if you were my friend. Save the tears for a real heartbreak.

And yes, stop labeling yourself forever alone, and being generally negatory about your self and dating life. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy if you keep saying that to yourself. If you expect to be disappointed, congratulations you will be. Life sucks and is really hard A LOT of the time. Don’t be the first person who shits on your dreams, before you can even dream them, and yes, this guy is a dream right now.

I wouldn’t cut him out. Go ahead and give it distance but you never know. Life is funny and anything can happen.