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March 22, 2023 at 9:20 am #1119236

@anonymousse – It was so bad. She became close friends with her situationship’s best friend + wife during the five years and the best friend + wife asked her what happened. When her ex-situationship found out she was talking, he threatened to sue my sister for slander. LOL. And she still wanted to stay friends with the guy! Omg. He sucks, but he did tell her early on and a few other times throughout that he didn’t want a relationship with her.

Anyway, LW, listen to him when he tells you he doesn’t want to date you. He’s not playing hard to get. Get mad that he lies to you and called you crazy. Tell yourself you deserve more than this and walk away on your terms. You say he’s kind, but is he? Cause IMO kind people don’t behave like this.