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March 23, 2023 at 7:15 am #1119247

Is that the “oh great I have to uproot my life and move to a state that is both diverse and freaktastic but also filled with white supremicists? And how the hell am I going to pack up all this shit and sell the house and buy a house and oh my god where are we going to live until we buy a house and what the hell are house prices like there and now I can get rid of all the old tupperware because who needs to move that, oh man, is tupperware even recyclable? Do I care? I just bought a new bottle of kitchen cleaner and you can’t move that. Shit. How much will we use before we leave? I guess I could give it to the neighbor. I’m going to miss them if we have to move.” Excited at the Prospect freakout? Because I do not blame you one freaking bit.