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March 23, 2023 at 7:56 am #1119248

Yeah, I think it is a good spot in my breakdown to be in. I joke but when we moved east is when my therapy journey started. I had a panic attack, went to the ER because even then I knew coming east would be confronting my past. I’m trying to meditate and calm my way through this.

I’m excited to move west again, if it happens, which seems likely. I’m not really all that excited to pack, uproot, move etc but with this level, it gets paid for, so that’s a relief. We also generally get 3-4 months of housing paid for the move.

The timeline is the position closes in less than two weeks, he’s the only applicant and it’s in a region we both have worked in and a position he’s had before and been successful at.

Our idea is he would go out, find a place (which I fully trust him to do) I would stay here, ride out the school year and then we’d all move in June.

I am excited about OR, hopefully my liberal enclave protects me from the white supremacists in eastern Oregon, and quite honestly- suburban PA is starting to be a little too Christian. We had an in service day yesterday, the first day of Ramadan. They don’t call it a holiday because the White Christian Nationalist/Moms for Liberty group throw a fit anytime a non-Christian holiday is added to the school calendar. They were actually asking for percentages and names of students who we are “pandering to.” It’s a little crazy around here.