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March 30, 2023 at 3:47 pm #1119425

He’s older enough to be able to dazzle you with things he has learned from dazzling probably a series of young women. 23 year old guys can be gauche, for sure, and I totally understand the attraction of someone with more experience of the world- but this man is totally inauthentic, it’s actually pretty easy to be fascinating if you have charm and nearly 30 years of experience to draw on, and predatory older men whose wives no longer give them the uncritical adoration they enjoy will seek it out from younger women, while enjoying all the perks of perkier youth. He is married, messing you about, and you will find that level of connection with someone else at some point. The first time you find someone you connect with so strongly it seems “meant” or unique, or like you have found your soulmate, but there will be many possible much better connections, just as deep and absorbing in your future. Don’t waste your time or tears.