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March 31, 2023 at 9:16 am #1119437

So, this is nearly identical to how I met a guy I did go on a few dates with a handful of years ago. We were two neighbors with dogs who kept bumping into each other and saying hello, which turned to small talk, then googly eyes, then asking for my number. He asked me to walk our dogs together once before asking me out to dinner. I didn’t consider our dog walk a date in the same way I wouldn’t consider going to a dog park with the guy a date, but it’s a sign of interest in getting to know you more and might lead to a date. (Should you feel curious enough, it should all be documented in the very long dating thread on this site, but you’d have to scroll back like 300 pages or something, haha.)

And yes, please get your dog neutered. It’s not against the rules where I live, but it might be where you live. Other owners will get annoyed at those who bring their unfixed dogs to the park notwithstanding because of the issues it can cause. You two can always go on a dog walk like I did with the guy I briefly dated.

ETA: Also, I do think you’re reading too much into some details, like his reaction to your hair blowing or how he lingers. (I let my dog sniff things as long as he likes so I definitely *linger* on dog walks.) It’s okay to be a little flirty before you know how he feels and, if you enjoy his company after your hangout, to be direct about wanting to see him again.

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