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April 1, 2023 at 2:44 pm #1119454

She did reach out, two weeks after the dog burial she went to- which she disappointed you because she didn’t behave sad enough for you. She went for a walk with you. If you have feelings or things you want to say, you have to say them. Some people don’t want to bring up the Sad Thing because they don’t know how to handle it. To me, it does seem like she has been trying, but you are never satisfied with her efforts. It makes me wonder how much fun you are to be with if everything she does for you is never good enough. Probably not much fun is my guess.

She’s your sister. Stop viewing her as a monster and accept that she is less emotionally in touch than you are.

She’s pregnant and NOW is when you’ve decided you’ll not be there for her? You don’t sound great here, if you catch my drift. That’s a low blow and really cruel. That’ll end your relationship. And I doubt your mom and aunts will be so supportive of how bratty she can be if you cut her off because of your dog because she’s pregnant.

(I have never been to a dog funeral, that seems like she was trying to support you, as was the walk…) what do you want from her? Tell her. Or write a letter and burn it to get it out of your system and accept she is who she is and is not a carbon copy of you.