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April 6, 2023 at 5:04 pm #1119523

I don’t know about the tech issue, I can’t tell what happened. I emailed Wendy in case she can decipher it.

Did you tell your girls they were going to be able to go to school for free, and were they into that? If so, yeah, I can see them feeling very let down, especially because this sounds like honestly poor planning on your part. You hadn’t budgeted or saved for college, and then you took a job knowing you were signing up for a lower salary, without inquiring enough into the advancement opportunity. It’s hard to know what you should do at this point without knowing your full financial picture but if your girls are relying on this for their education, can you make it work? Can you cut back on things? What’s your retirement situation? Generally saving for your retirement needs to be a priority over saving for kids education. I need to know more in order to recommend staying or leaving. If you take the higher paying job, can you put some of that money aside for their college funds?