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April 8, 2023 at 6:08 pm #1119567

I did it through House of Colour! I went to the stylist in Lincoln Park, Beth, but she is in the process of moving out of her home studio and into a space above a boutique that happens to be right around the corner from me. Actually, the first time I heard about color analysis was through that boutique — I follow them on IG and they were offering sessions there one day at a discount. Turns out, it was the same stylist. I then kept seeing it on TikTok, and she confirmed that while she’s had fairly steady business for the few years she’s been doing this, she’s now so busy that she books out a month or two out. They also show you some makeup (to try to sell you on it), which I mostly wasn’t interested in, but I did end up buying one lipstick.