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April 12, 2023 at 12:01 pm #1119615

We’re experiencing false summer right now and OMG it’s glorious.

I’ve realized I think the biggest issue with my wardrobe is my lack of basics. I like colors and patterns, which is fine, but I’m really lacking in neutrals and basics at the moment. I think Nuuly can be the service to satisfy my desire to have some fun statement items. I have that one J. Crew coatigan that I feel like every influencer has in a camel color, I got it on Cyber Monday for a steep discount. Camel is one of my season-appropriate neutrals, so yay! I know there’s an Amazon dupe for it, too. I think that’ll be a good transitional layer going into spring.

I have a few blazers that I’ve been eyeing on Amazon but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything.

ETA: If anyone remembers the days of bauble necklaces like 10 years ago, I learned during my color analysis that my best pink is coral and as far as blue hues go, teals and turquoise are good options. I used to wear this one coral dress to work all the time and paired it with those awful statement necklaces in turquoise and thought I looked incredible. LOL. I’m sure I fit in with all the other basic Bs back then, but I think about some of the trends from years back that I was all about and cringe. I still have some of those necklaces, too.

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