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April 12, 2023 at 2:56 pm #1119620

I also don’t go to da club but from what I’ve gleaned, Gen Z will wear their wide leg pants (sometimes trousers!) + white sneakers out. When I was at the age where I was going out partying a lot, the outfits were, like, denim mini skirt + polo with a popped collar (preferably it was a layered look) or jeans with a “going out top” from Forever 21 and sky high heels. I see the same style of mini skirt that I used to wear in college in stores again now. If you remember the show Laguna Beach, all the cast members are all my general age range. The show aired when I was in my last year of HS. I think style trends for kids my age at that time were heavily influenced by that show. I ran out and bought a black choker because Kristin Cavallari wore one on that show, haha.