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April 16, 2023 at 4:08 pm #1119683

Hi guys,
I have posted a few weeks ago about a man I’m attracted to. Today we had another birthday party, of his grandson. The whole families were there, my son and my ex husband and his ex wife too. When I arrived to the party we hugged as usual, and he was sitting two chairs away from me. I tried to find courage to open a conversation with him, but I was completely blocked. Once he went out to take some fresh air, and I did find the courage to join him. I’m completely pissed off now because I didn’t do anything and he neither approached me. The only thing that happened was when he learnt I made the Birthday cake he told a picture of it. And when I went, he slowly hugged… like a bit too long to be casual… that was just a little update of the situation. Maybe if I meet him in another context, without families there, it will be easier…
Thanks for reading…