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April 18, 2023 at 7:55 pm #1119713

Yeah, you sound a bit crazy jealous about her. It would’ve looked weird if he hid from her.

It’s sad that you snoop on him to the point of looking at who he searches for in his social media accounts, Like, yow. That’s a new level of suspicion I’ve not heard of before. Snooping like that, not trusting your partner of years like that…is worse than anything he’s done here, IMO.

That’s not cool. People do still deserve privacy in relationships.

You are insecure. You are jealous. You have low self esteem.

He’s with you. He chooses you, every single day. Don’t make his life a paranoid living hell or he’ll maybe make a different choice.

Do you like being with him? Then enjoy it, and stop snooping.