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April 18, 2023 at 9:02 pm #1119715

I echo others and think you’re crazy jealous. It’s weird that you didn’t want him in close proximity to her and wanted him to go outside. You were in a public place.

I’ll also echo others and say snooping isn’t normal or healthy.

I’ve snooped twice in my life. One time, I was being super insecure. He gave me zero reasons to feel insecure. I just was. And I was young. The second time, it was because it was a bad relationship that I should have gotten out of much, much sooner than I did. Therapy helped with that one. A lot.

My husband, I’ve never snooped. I don’t know his passwords. He has female friends that he hangs with. It’s all good.

You haven’t mentioned any reason that he’d make you feel insecure. From my experience, there’s definitely a difference between being super jealous and real cause. You should work on it so you can have a solid, happy relationship.