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April 24, 2023 at 3:32 pm #1119803

I don’t know off the top of my head how to block emails, but I know it can’t be hard and that I’d figure it out if I had to.

LW, I had one ex who was pretty bad at the end. There was lying, cheating, denial, eventually spinning the blame back around on me, blah blah blah. Maybe a different kind of manipulation than what you’ve been dealing with, but manipulation nonetheless. I let him keep tabs on me for a few months after breaking up because I was sad and it gave me that hit of dopamine. I think on two occasions, we had closure talks. It was not helpful. At one point he made everything about his hurt feelings (LOL). I didn’t magically recover from how he treated me because we’d rehashed things. It didn’t bring me peace. The only thing I did was delay my own healing. The only thing you’re doing is delaying your own healing. Closure comes from within. Block him and grieve what you’ve lost. If you made mistakes in the relationship, that’s okay — you’re human. You can learn something from them.

In a podcast I was listening to a couple months ago, one of the co-hosts was laughing about one of her exes blocked her on platforms she didn’t even realize had block features, like Venmo and Spotify. Block him on Venmo and Spotify if you need to.