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May 8, 2023 at 10:55 am #1120021

“before revealing to our other friends and family at our “big” wedding that it’s actually our first anniversary.”

I wouldn’t do this. You need to be upfront with everyone, especially the wedding party. You can finesse the differing numbers of your and your husband’s bridesmaids/groomsmen. Since this isn’t actually a wedding, one of he groomsmen can be the officiant — you don’t need someone licensed to conduct a wedding, if you’re married. Since your household has been established for a year, you can just have dinner at a restaurant you like with all of the wedding party, in place of a shower, bachelor/bachelorette event — if you want something more than a dinner, go to a concert, show, even bowling together.

If you keep the secret that this is your anniversary, and go whole hog like this is your actual wedding, I fear you will create some bad feelings, with some of your guests feeling that you have manipulated them and not all feeling the secret anniversary is as cute as you and husband view it.