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May 10, 2023 at 11:53 am #1120164

I don’t hate you! LOL. I don’t know you. I don’t care enough about you or most people to hate you. That’s your ego talking.

I think you’re pretty creepy as a 36 year old man in the dating world. Getting drinks and getting drunk and hooking up isn’t leading you to what you want and I’m telling you exactly why I think you’re failing at relationships, but I’m not being nice and flowery and telling you it’s not you’re fault, you can’t know what every woman is thinking…no I won’t change my tone or tune and make it sound nicer for you. You don’t sound nice or respectful of women to me. You don’t sound like you’re interested in these women at all, as people, really

Assume every woman you see has been coerced and meet them for a brief drink as described above ispnstead of making it a marathon of drinking and pushing for sex. That’s all I’m saying. Let her take the lead. Tell her tofu had a nice time and you’ll wait for her to call you if she’s interested in a second date. I’m saying at your age you should have more awareness and respect for women than to treat them, date them the way you are currently and expecting a relationship out of it.

You’re taking this weirdly personal. I met my husband through a NSA FWB arrangement so stop telling me I don’t know or understand sex or people or hooking up.

I know and understand more than you do about this. She felt pushed and icky afterwards. She told you that. And you didn’t even have sex?! So for being obsessed with pushing for it on a first date, it’s an odd thing to not get the jack out of the box at the end.

You’re drinking too much, that’s my guess. If you had whisky dick, she probably had more that three drinks, over all that time, too.

Yeah Kate and I know each other, sort of. We’ve been offering dating and relationship advice to men and woman for like, a decade or more. And I’m so tired of men saying they didn’t know most women are pressured for sex on dates, or that sex on a first date it’s like eyeroll inducing for women everywhere. Do you send unsolicited dick pics?

You dating women that are 36, right, Jeff?