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May 11, 2023 at 8:15 am #1120252

The reason I think I’m still here is that I think your (collective) presence might be worse than it is and I’m writing this for future readers who have to hear your one-sided attacks and belittling. I don’t think Anonymousse’s tone is a good one to have on a complex topic like this. This person attacks people in periods of uncertainty and they proclaim their own rule-based system like it’s some kind of moral truth and they don’t listen or digest responses and they attack any disagreement. Anonymousse seems to believe that sex/consent is a simple topic… and that causes harm to the readers here. I’m really sorry that the person has experienced sexual assualt… it’s horrible and I didn’t realize that at the beginning of this conversation. Does it allow this person to dictate the entire conversation with their opinions about what consent and assault is? Absolutely not. Do any of you have the definitive say about what maturity is and what the right way to date is… again absolutely not.

Anonymousse: You oversimplify and condemn people who come to you with real questions about sex/dating and you put yourselves in a position of authority… when really you listen very little. Your criticism of me is hilarious because I think you do the same, but to a worse extreme. The difference is that I’ve accepted the lesson… that sexual encounters can be threatening to women due to social pressures and the bad behaviors of men in general and that to date more cautiously might be beneficial to me. But I really don’t think I did anything “wrong” or that “I should know better” or that I “prey” on women in the way that you’re is saying. You’re attacking me, without reason, and it’s clearly unfair. Consent/hookups/sex is all really complex and… let’s take a read.