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May 12, 2023 at 9:33 am #1120329

I’ll be in Dublin for two days leading up to and one day after the Waterford leg of our trip. (The wedding is in Waterford.) I’ll be with at least one girl friend for most of this time and learned that three of my cousins will be in Ireland at the same time. The end of their trip coincides with the start of mine, so I’ve asked them to make Dublin their last stop. Truthfully, Ireland has never been the most appealing destination to me (to my bf, these are fighting words) and I know I’ll have company. So while I’m hoping to do cool stuff and collecting recommendations, I’m happy to go with the flow.

London, I’m very excited to meet my friend’s babies. We met in middle school, she was the only other girl in my grade at a tiny international school, and I involuntarily cry every. single. time. we’re together, so I’m already expecting major waterworks to meet her tiny human creations. But I’m not sure how available she’ll be, so want to make sure I have plenty of ideas to fill my time.

I went to Italy a few times when I was in high school, but not since. I’d LOVE to go back. I don’t have any suggestions, but there’s a woman I follow on TikTok (@KacieRose4) who went on a solo trip to Italy, met a guy, and now lives in Florence with him. She gives a lot of tips and recommendations about traveling in Italy… she is how I know about wine windows, where you ring a bell and get served a glass of wine through a tiny window.