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May 13, 2023 at 6:55 am #1120350

You said it yourself somewhere in there, it’s the “what-ifs.” Since you two never gave it a real shot (your gut told you not to and that’s totally valid and right), you’re left with the probably false impression of all this potential that may be there. And the exciting feeling of oh, it can’t be, because he has a girlfriend or I have a boyfriend or whatever. It’s like a rush or a dopamine hit. You enjoy the feeling of how into you this guy is. You don’t want to be with him, but you want to talk to him because the drama of it feels good.

But Jesus, this guy is 36 or 37, he needs to grow up. He seems very immature and incapable of having a lasting relationship, and that’s probably why much younger women appeal to him. Maybe he’s not even into women but wants to be. I would really just try to get it through your head that there is actually nothing here for you, and stop engaging.