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May 13, 2023 at 2:22 pm #1120364

I do work in therapy but I only see her every two weeks because I work full time. And in that lapse it seems counterproductive. I have seen 4 different therapist over the last 20 years and I think it’s not going to help more. That’s why I’m looking for other points of view or experiences.

I admire you courage, anonymous, being an introvert and taking care of 2 young boys. Sometimes i think It would be easier being with my kid full time, so I wouldn’t have this ‘single girl’ life. I sometimes feel like a schizophrenic skipping from a moms life to a single girls life. It’s hard for me to handle. I also try to compartment. Meaning when I am with my kid, I don’t meet men, because I don’t feel like to, and I never introduced him to one of them, even if some asked me to.
I think my kid sees there’s something wrong with me, he sees momy is off most of the time, and I just cant keep my tears from falling thinking of it, I feel so guilty.