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May 13, 2023 at 3:17 pm #1120368

Ahh, I found your other post. You suffer from depression, which makes you not act in ways to get the life you want, and apathy about hat as well. You feel like it’s impossible so you make no move to change. You can’t change your life until you focus on your issues and get out of your ex husbands eye sight.

Are you even in therapy? Are you really on meds? If you are- the doctors you are seeing are not helping you and you need to call them and tell them how you really feel. Try a different antidepressant. Try a different therapist because I can’t see at all what this therapist is doing for you, could you maybe explain if you do work on shit in therapy? It sounds like you have a lot of simple issues a pro should easily be able to point out to you, at the very least.

You shouldn’t be crowdsourcing opinions about what you clinically suffer from, because plenty of people will tell you. I mean, I did, and 8 am not a Dr. Just also a mom with depression, but I am on a good combo of meds right now and I love my therapist. She challenges me and has helped me grow so much.

Don’t settle for less than what you pay for.