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May 14, 2023 at 5:09 am #1120376

Maybe I will try to change our topics with my therapist. Lately we have been talking mainly about my social interactions. Maybe time to go deeper and figure out who I am. Maybe the divorce drained me a lot of emotional energy. And after dealing with my sons and my exes emotions, here I am now, not even knowing what I want. Last year in January I was completely depressed, i took medication and some days off. It helped me a lot, and then began the dating phase which was fun. Now i feel tired, bored and I don’t know who I am. You are right. I did accepted that I have changed, the hobbies I once had, don’t interest me anymore. So I just do nothing.
I will start planning. Definitely that’s a good advice. I will plan and organize every day being with or without my son!