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May 14, 2023 at 3:41 pm #1120391

“You need, real actual in person help or at least via zoom.”

My therapist isn’t available by zoom or for emergency calls. I live in Switzerland and it seems like we don’t have the same support here. It’s only by appointment and no calls, no texts or anything outside sessions in person (twice a month in my case)
I have been looking for other therapists on the web today and found a website providing online therapy, messaging anytime and video sessions with certified therapists. It’s in the USA. But that might suit better for me than the one I have now.
See, you say I’m loosing my time, but in fact I’m not as I know that speaking with people helps me think different and no one ever told me about those online therapists yet… so thank you anonymousse for that.
Take action you say? This how I actually do it by trying to figure out why I’m stuck. You went through depression, you should know that it’s not that easy…