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May 16, 2023 at 10:29 am #1120402

It can absolutely get better! And the examples are plentiful. But here’s the thing: life doesn’t generally get better because of luck. I mean, sometimes it does; luck can certainly play a part in life improvements. But even luck has to be paired with intentional behavior to have a lasting positive effect. So, think about what it is you want – in your case, you want to find a loving relationship, I think? – and then think about what behavioral changes you can make to support this goal. Are you in a place to be a good partner? do you like yourself? Do you have traits to offer a relationship? If not, you have to start there. Make yourself into a catch. (Therapy can also help with this is you feel you have some things to work on before you’re ready to be available for a relationship).

If you feel you’re in a good place to be an asset in a relationship and it’s just about finding a good match, put the word out (to friends and family and maybe even people you work with if you have friendly relationships with them) that you are looking for people to date. Try online dating. Join clubs or sports teams to meet like-minded people and expand your social circle (even meeting platonic friends can lead to meeting potential romantic partners).

You might find success finding social groups or activity groups or support groups – even online – for neurodivergent folks. Those are gonna be people who already understand where you’re coming from, who understand your differences, and will have a different set of expectations than neurotypical people who aren’t familiar with neurodivergent differences and how they may affect relationships and friendships (but neurotypical folks can always learn – especially if they’re motivated to).