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May 17, 2023 at 12:02 pm #1120415

And also, as an aside, I didn’t hate this person, but I did have a prominent person in my life die, and when someone dies the bad things and asshole shit they’ve done and said get swept under the rug, and the positives are highlighted. Get ready for that and prepare yourself.

Secretly like two years late, a few of us real close to that person had a little vent session where we were like, “My god, he was an asshole! He spoke terribly about his wife! He was sometimes sexist and racist!” We let it all rip because he had been a human- multifaceted. Both a sometimes a pretty good human and sometimes a huge asshole piece of dirt.

It’s okay to harbor your ill feelings, but don’t expect his family to want to badmouth him, is what I mean.