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May 18, 2023 at 9:48 am #1120421

New hair tool alert 🚨

Dyson just came out with this Airstrait tool, which I bought because I’m crazy. It looks like a straightener, but it is *drying and straightening your hair with air*, not with hot plates, not with bristles, just, you clamp it down and it dries your hair perfectly straight with a powerful blade of freakin air, which isn’t even that hot. I can’t imagine it would cause damage.

I suck with a straightener, but I did my hair this morning and it indeed came out perfectly straight and shiny, a much better result than I get from the Revlon brush or the Airwrap smoothing brush. That said, it will ONLY straighten, you can’t curl or wave with it.

Manes By Mel on YouTube has a video using it on curly hair, and Milabu has one for straighter / wavy hair.