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May 18, 2023 at 3:13 pm #1120430

I spent a week by myself in London after university. Victoria and Albert Museum was my favourite museum! Also really liked the Tate Modern. I think I watched a play at the the Globe if you’re into that. I thought St Paul’s Cathedral with its dome was just gorgeous. I just liked walking everywhere.

I think I saw a photo of Marsh Library on a Microsoft background and it looked so gorgeous haha. Have fun on your trip, @copa!! Maybe you can also look at Waterford crystal, heh? I don’t know much about Ireland either.

We are actually just finishing up our honeymoon/first international trip! We spent five days in Prague and now are in Dubrovnik. It’s been amazing! It’s been my first time away for a longer period of time since COVID and it has been hard disconnecting with work though I’ve been really trying not to check emails too much. Actually logged on here to see what other people’s experiences are with emails on vacation.

I saw that Airstrait tool too. Looks very effective but not really useful for me I think since I already have straight hair.