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May 18, 2023 at 4:18 pm #1120436

We should all have finstas to show each other our hairstyles and under eye filler. My finsta got deleted, though, probably because it was very obviously a finsta.

Thank you for all the UK suggestions. It’s still about a month out. I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk everywhere. I wear my white Frye leather sneakers a lot, but think I’ll need something more supportive than that for this since I have some foot problems. I don’t think I would’ve thought anything of visiting The Globe Theatre. I’m hoping to take myself to see Wicked. I cannot wait to eat fish and chips!

Prague and Dubrovnik sound awesome! A friend who got married in fall 2019 was supposed to go on her honeymoon in spring of 2020, which obviously did not happen. They’re on it now, in Japan, and I’m so jealous. Regarding work on vacation, I’ll typically manage my inbox if I’m out longer than a few days, but only do more than that if it’s necessary. It has rarely been necessary at this job.

Speaking of work stuff, I interviewed for a new job six weeks ago tomorrow. I was interviewed over the course of several hours by nine people on Zoom. I don’t think I’ve ever met nine people during an interview before in my life! Still waiting to hear back. I log into the applicant portal every few days to see if there are any updates, but nope! I reached out to HR to see if they have an updated timeline. Closure would be nice either way — I have been talking to this org since February!