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May 18, 2023 at 9:40 pm #1120450

Thank you so much for asking, @Copa! I am…ok. It’s been a rough road and I’m just trying to survive, really. Survive and hopefully (?) someday, thrive again?

I have been doing ok but I’m definitely retaining fluid again and I’m actually going back to the treatment center tomorrow to try to get it removed. Alas. We’re still working on the balance of medicines to help me get better.

I really hope the job comes through if you want it! I have been in an interview process like that and it was grueling – I did end up getting an offer after about a full month of interviews. I met 10ish people and went in for like 5 different rounds of interviews. It ended up being a horrible company to work for but there was really no way for me to have known that at the time. Looooong story but I’m so glad they “let me go” right before the pandemic because the CEO CALLED EVERYONE BACK TO THE OFFICE in JUNE of 2020 and told people to NOT TELL OTHER PEOPLE IF THEY GOT COVID. I would’ve died, I’m sure.

Anyways – still getting there. Thanks for asking. I have literally zero energy or desire to date or even do to most of the things I love right now; just trying to keep my job, spend time with my little dogs, and get my body back to even. It will apparently take longer than 6 months. Alas.