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May 19, 2023 at 9:48 am #1120451

I’m glad you’re at least ok, @TheLadyE! I hope they get your medicines figured out so that you’re on the upswing soon. Until then, glad you’ve got your pups for companionship.

And yeah, it’d be nice to be the one to get to accept or decline an offer. This job is pretty much what I’ve been telling people I think I’d like to do as my next career move, though I’ve definitely learned the hard way that the grass is not always greener as far as jobs go. The school is highly regarded, but I know that doesn’t automatically make it a great place to work.

So kind of funny story about this job. Initially I applied and interviewed for a higher level role. I didn’t think I was the right fit and ultimately they agreed, but we all agreed I’m a much better fit for the role I’m now being considered for. They mentioned the start date for the person who did get the higher level role at my last interview. I found the guy on LinkedIn and am aware of who he is, though I do not know him. Over six years ago, when I was last interviewing for jobs, I did the final interview for my current job and another job around the same time. I withdrew my candidacy for the other job because I did not like the person I’d be reporting to, but back then I also kept an eye open on LinkedIn for who did eventually get the role. It’s the same guy! He’s now beat me out twice for a job. LOL! We have very similar educational and work backgrounds, but he has an MBA and I do not. He also has about 15 years of experience on me, so I’m flattered we’re even considered for the same roles. It made the niche of work I’m in feel tiny.

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