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May 20, 2023 at 7:47 am #1120463

Yeahh. I mean, I figured if I got an offer, I’d at least consider it, thinking that if I do think a little bit of a career shift is for me, the smaller salary bump might be the price to pay for experience. But meh, it’s fine. I know one person who lives near me and works at a museum near where I’d have been working, and he said the morning commute is usually fine, but the evening commute can be brutal.

I did at one point talk to another nearby university about a lower level-director role they had open in a similar-ish space. The morning I was supposed to interview with the hiring manager, I got an email saying my salary ask was very high and asking if I’m still interested. Instead of outright telling me what the salary range for that job looked like, I had to ask, which, ok. Anyway, the high end was a little bit below where I am now, so I politely declined to interview. I guess if nothing else, talking to a couple potential employers has made me realize that my pay is competitive for the space I’m in and adjacent industries.

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