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May 20, 2023 at 6:24 pm #1120484

It’s okay! But thank you. I went back and forth on whether I’d have even taken the job had it been offered to me. And I only would’ve considered it had I gotten an offer at the top of the pay range. It’d have been nice to be the decision maker, but in a way, less stress to have that choice taken out of my hands.

I know someone who works at the Museum of Science & Industry, which is a short drive from where I’d have been working had I gotten/accepted this job. He said that between construction, the Obama library going up, and now Cubs traffic, it’s gotten pretty rough, particularly in the evening. That museum is riiiight off of LSD and he said it can take 15-20 minutes just to get from the parking lot to the entrance. A few weeks ago I was supposed to be at my office by 7:45 to meet coworkers to carpool for a work trip. I asked my bf to drive me figuring it’d be faster. Nope. It took 45 minutes to get from West Lakeview to the Loop. Ugh.

And oh, another downside of the job would’ve been that you have to pay for a campus parking permit, pay for street parking, or try your luck finding free street parking. So. I am disappointed — I think I just wanted to be the decision maker here! — but it’s easy to rattle off a list of things I’m not sad I won’t have to deal with.

ETA: Very excited to eventually creep out on LinkedIn who fills this role.

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