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May 20, 2023 at 6:39 pm #1120486

That sounds like a bitch of a commute. I had a job in the past where I had to drive from just north of Boston to just south, so you could either go through the city on 93 which was a fucking joke, or go whatever crazy way Waze would have you go through like 5,000 different back streets trying to wind your way there. And then you had to pay for parking. I did that for almost a year and it was HORRIBLE. And so nerve wracking worrying about hitting a cyclist or pedestrian. We moved and I could take a bus from our new place, and that was such a relief. There was this bonkers woman on the bus who would voice-dial everyone in her family every morning and no one would pick up, or if they did they’d be like, Michelle, I have to go. She called the pharmacist one time and told them all her personal info including full name and address. And she’d talk about her period and stuff if she did reach someone on the phone. Once this trans person asked her to move her bag so they could sit down next to her. She told them this wild story about how she’s an artist, which she definitely was not, and then she said she’s thinking of becoming a man! The person was like, oh, uh, this is my stop. I used to live-stream about this bud ride on my stories.