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May 21, 2023 at 5:01 am #1120489

I do have a car, but my commute now consists of just one T (subway) train, which is amazing. And we’re still just required to go in one full week a month, all in the same week. That’s going to change in the fall, likely to 2 weeks back to back but no one knows for sure. The not knowing is hell for parents. Early warning signs that this isn’t working, some moms at work are starting to take lengthy leaves of absence. It’s just, however they were swinging this before the pandemic, it’s no longer working for them. Part of it I know is getting reliable child care. I obviously don’t have kids, but there is no way I could do that. This job is so intense, and the week we’re in the office physically even more so, with having to go to things at night too, you cannot do it unless you have a stay-at-home spouse handling everything. Seriously. Women are starting to get crushed. We have a female CEO, albeit with grown kids and she’s astronomically wealthy, but still, she’s got to understand this. It’s not okay.