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May 24, 2023 at 11:07 am #1120538

LOL! One day maybe… I’m indifferent to marriage as an institution at this point. I don’t think kids are for me, so IDK if I will ever legally tether myself to anyone, even though I very much thought marriage was my goal when dating. And briefly in my mid/late 20s, when I lived in a different area where seemingly everyone was paired off and settled down by 25, I was even freaking out about it a little bit. We did have an appt to go to Tiffany to try on rings I think last fall after a friend told me they give you free champagne, but then we had a COVID scare and had to cancel.

A few weeks ago I ate lunch out on an in-office day. I ordered a salad, added chicken to it for some protein, and also got a cafe au lait. After tip, I’d spend something absurd like $30. For a salad and coffee. Today, that same cafe/bakery was giving out free cold brew and cookies in my building lobby. I got the last cookie. I feel like I just got some of that $30 back.

If anyone has read any great books lately, I’m all ears. I’m in a reading slump. I’m pretty late to the audiobook party, but I just listened to my first one — I’m Glad My Mom Died. (Also happy to connect with anyone who uses Good Reads, which I’m trying to actually use to see if it helps me through my slump.)