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May 24, 2023 at 12:06 pm #1120539

Wow, I didn’t realize the thread was almost a tween! That’s crazy. I have read almost all of it, probably – I keep up but don’t comment so much. I especially appreciate the random beauty product reviews!! I do think it would be nice to hear updates from any other former posters/lurkers (like Veritek). I often wonder what has happened with folks like Janelle/JD (sp?), Firestar, lemongrass, Addie Pray, and others. Probably just busy with life, mostly! Although I know some have left/been asked to leave after conflicts here.

My daughter is turning 10 in a few days (double digits!!) so noting the passage of time is especially mind-blowing to me this week. The thing about parenthood that I had no inkling of is how high the stakes are for life now, and how much I would worry about everything. Trying to avoid basically all news sources today as they are marking the 1-year anniversary of Uvalde – my daughter is in 4th grade. I don’t want to leave this country to the dogs, but we may have an option to move abroad for my husband’s career at some point, and it sure would be nice not to have that worry every single day.

On a lighter note – Copa, if you’re into fiction, I recently read both “Daisy Jones and the Six” and “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”, both by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and they were a nice palate cleanser!