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May 25, 2023 at 9:04 am #1120557

@MissMJ I’m so sorry! I don’t have experience with losing a parent, but sometimes I think about what it will be like when (specifically) my mom passes — we are close, she is one of my favorite people ever — and always think the world will be a totally different place after. I can only imagine how difficult it is.

Congratulations! A wedding in Hawaii sounds fabulous. (And yay for prenups! If I do ever choose to get married, there will be a prenup!)

I actually wrote in on this site years ago freaking out after my doctor found a lump. I’d just turned 30, which meant NWM wouldn’t let me get just an ultrasound even though that’s all my doctor thought I needed preliminarily. So I got my first mammogram. Mine turned out to be a benign tumor. And I had/have way more than just one, only the one was palpable. I remember them describing it like a marble under a rug, where they can feel really big if they’re close to the surface. It can be nerve wracking waiting to find out what’s going on, but hopefully it continues to be nothing serious!