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May 25, 2023 at 2:25 pm #1120568

Hi everybody! I saw that the thread changed names and thought I’d stop lurking and say hi. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, MJ. Maybe it’s strange but it’s kind of nice to read about others’ news and activities. I think I last really chatted with anyone back when we had a couple of Zoom calls, but that must have been a couple of years ago at this point! I’m happy this thread is still going – I know I posted way back when about the bizarre dates I was going on and it was nice to commiserate. I’ve been with my bf now for 6.5 years and we’re pretty settled but also completely remodeling our house ourselves, so that’s been fun! I figure we’ll just do the paperwork to get married at some point but I realized have no desire for a wedding (it makes me feel stressed and anxious, not excited). I found out recently that my friend’s wedding, which was last year in Calistoga, cost $70k – which almost made me spit out my water!

As far as books, I’ve been reading all of Emily St. James Mandel’s novels, and I have enjoyed most of them! I really liked Sea of Tranquility the best, followed by The Glass Hotel (if you read them, start with Glass Hotel bc there is some overlap).