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May 26, 2023 at 12:04 pm #1120583

@MissMJ I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. It’s such a foundational relationship in all our lives (for good or bad) that it’s no wonder it’s such a hard loss. I really hope you find some comfort in your memories and have good support all around you as you grieve.

I remember you writing about how tough things had become in your marriage – with the divorce becoming final, I hope you have found some peace. @ktfran, sending good vibes for your diagnostic process!

Was happy to see an update a few pages back from @TheLadyE, it sounds like things have been up and down but glad to see she’s doing okay. @hfantods, I never really had a “maternal” feeling either, and I don’t particularly love spending time with kids that are not my own – and even my own sometimes, lol – but I wouldn’t say that’s a requirement of parenthood. Maybe parenthood would be easier if I was all like “YASS BABIES AND NURTURING” about it, but I think it’s certainly possible to be a fine parent either way. Or to screw it up either way! Haha! That’s fun… Also, you go through phases along with them as they grow. I surprisingly loved the early-toddler stage, then detested a good chunk of 3-4. Now at nearly 10 we can share so many more interests/activities – movies, sports, music, travel. I paid way too much money to take my daughter to the TSwift Eras tour – still a lot less than my wedding cost though! I’m all for a one-night splurge but $90k is really something else!