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May 29, 2023 at 7:29 am #1120590

The Shark flex style is supposed to be able to do everything just as well as the Dyson Airwrap for about half the price.

Wendy, you’re lucky af! But yeah, if volume is what you want, the Airwrap or shark is it. It injects serious, lasting volume into your hair, and perfect waves or bouncy blowout look. And then if you put it up at night with a scrunchy and take it down in the morning, it will be even more lifted.

My mom has hair kind of like yours I think, with wave and it’s not as frizzy as mine. She does everything possible for volume because she has less hair than she used to, but she’s not gonna buy an Airwrap. She uses hot rollers or puts her hair up on top of her head to dry with root lift, depending on what she’s going for. She uses foams and mousses too.