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May 31, 2023 at 3:32 pm #1120623

So sorry about your mom @MJ. 💜

Hope your results continue to be successful @DW!

I have a crossbody bag from Thread. The things I like: It’s pretty roomy for being small plus has a front pocket for my phone. I hate digging for my phone and it’s easily accessible this way. What I don’t like is the strap. It cuts into my skin if there is bare skin and I’m wearing it all day (like when traveling). Maybe they have a better strap – I haven’t checked but all-in-all I do like it.

I recently got some layers put into my long hair as it was getting too heavy to wear in a ponytail. But I still struggle with the ponytail band…two turns is too loose and three turns gives me a headache. Maybe I need new ties? Anyone have any suggestions? I have a sensitive head so am terrified of getting it all tangled lol.